Give Your Growth Process A Kickstart

Give Your Growth Process A Kickstart

Getting an effective growth process rolling is probably the most difficult part. It takes years to only understand which methodology will work best for you. It is very common to get stuck to a point while trying to put process behind the testing. However, here are some important tips that might help you get your growth process a kickstart.

For starters, here are the things that you need to know,

  • You can’t just simply get growth; you have to give continuous efforts to drive it.
  • Developing documents will really help you.
  • You need right data person and tool for growing; you can’t do it on your own.

The Key Is Passion With Practical Solutions

Speakers at conference, books, and blog posts often make growth process look very easy that runs on a formula. But this is not the case, you have to work hard and you know that. You need the passion of working hard every day driven with the right proportion of practical solutions mixed in it. You need it for motivating your team as well as you to organize and run the test. A ‘vision document’ is what will help you in this.

You Need A Professional Data Analyst

If you are thinking that you yourself will manage the whole data analysis thing, then you are wrong. You need a professional person with a data analytics skill set. It is not an option in the growth process, so either you hire, borrow or kidnap, but get the right person on your team.

You need to make data analyst a part of the tests from end-to-end. It has to begin at the initial stage itself. Once the tests are in the process, an analyst can help you stay on track.

Develop Tools To Get Your Team Around Growth

You need a tool that will define the experiment in a proper way for your team to rally around. This tool can be a vision document. You need to focus on the summary, hypothesis, and start and end dates.

The hypothesis can be a big thing in setting your course. You can’t simply go with the hypothesis that something might happen, but you need to have a hypothesis theory that if you are changing something, then how it will affect the users and the impact it will have.

This approach will have two positive effects –

  • You will start understanding that if your data collection analysis was too weak to support a test.
  • You will stop shaping result to fit into your narratives and start shaping your narratives to fit the results.

If you opt your process in this format, then your team will start experimenting only after knowing that all the data is available for the questions at hand. You will know what results you want and build your roadmap accordingly.

Good Success Metrics Is Achieved By Good Hypothesis

Good hypothesis leads to good success matrix, and these two together form the foundation of the vision document.

You can include the following information in your vision document:

  • Summary of the experiment (in short)
  • Hypothesis
  • Success Matrix
  • Timeframe (approximate start and duration)
  • Tasks assigned to each
  • Notes (things you should think about before starting the test)

When the whole team works around the vision document, it becomes everyone’s duty to make it a success.

Involve Everyone In the Process

You need to involve everyone in the growth process. However, it will be difficult for you to fit all the pieces together, especially in the initial phase. But as time passes you would know how you can involve everyone around in the process. Adhering to the vision document can help in such times, as everyone will be talking about the tests and taking role individually into it.

Obstacles Will Come

No matter how well you plan and follow the rules, obstacles will find its way. There could be any reason for insufficient data, not going as expected, or manual error. But these will come and you have to be prepared to witness them. However, vision documents can help in reducing the obstacles, but still getting tests off the ground is always tricky.

Everyone Has A Role To Play

Getting growth process started is not one person’s thing. Each and everyone from the team has to get involved in it. Right from product owners, designers, developers to marketers. You need to make everyone realize their role in the path of growth. Each person owning their tests definitely drives individual growth as well as organizational too.

In addition, everyone also has to learn their role in making sure that the organization is data-driven. You definitely have to get a professional data specialist into your team, but after he is hired, you need to make sure that everyone learns at least some of the skill set from the specialist.

Keep Adapting

With certain time, you’ll surely get to a point where everything gets set or nothing is achieved. However, in both the cases, you need to keep adapting to the situations. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team while getting into growth process. And you will also need to make changes to your growth plan and adapt accordingly.

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