Growth Hacking Schemes: 6 Tricks That Always Work

Growth Hacking Schemes: 6 Tricks That Always Work

When achieving growth for companies comes to mind, new tactics seem to come to light every day. There are however some tactics of Growth Hacking that almost always get positive results. There is a myriad of tips that work very well for startups as well as for the already established businesses provided they have a startup mentality.

It is a good time to build growth for startups. However, in order to attain marketing success, the sacred tips and tools below always result in positive results. Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking has done and continues to do wonders in the world of business. Startups should believe in these techniques due to a few things.

Advice to Startups

Startups are literally the present and the future which was not the case 10 years ago. This kind of enterprises and entrepreneurs are no longer discouraged, laughed at and as a result, they can now look to a successful future. Marketing plays a huge role in the success of startups and growth marketing more so. One of the thing that guarantees the success of startups is growth hacking.

Why should startups have faith in Growth Hacking?

The first reason is that Growth Hacking is not a new concept. On the contrary, it is probably one of the most seasoned ideas when considering marketing as a strategy. Growth Hacking is a concept that fuses and enjoins traditional marketing, new marketing tools, strategies and ideas that work seamlessly for the progression of any organization in an intelligent way. This is regardless of the status of the organization whether new or old, startup or established. The outcome is impressive.


Difference between Growth Hacking and Marketing

The difference could simply lie in the roles played by the Growth Hackers as opposed to Marketers. The main difference though is that growth hacking is more advanced than marketing in that it is mainly targeted at the growth that is scaled.

Growth Hackers do both Marketing and coding. They not only develop growth strategies but to also observe them and make conclusions with techniques such as A/B testing. They use tools such as viral factor, landing pages and many others to improve growth faster.

Growth Hacking lasts longer and has a wider reach than normal marketing. Some of the experimented on and verified growth-hacking tips are:


  1. Openly embracing new trends

The current generation likes anything that goes viral. Trends come and go but their mark stays. Sometimes startups are ignorant and in entrepreneurship, it can be fatal. For success;

  • Know what is trending
  • Readily adopt the trends.

When these two steps are followed diligently gives you leverage in marketing your brand. New social media platforms crop up every day and although you may not understand their purpose they are vital to the growth of your business. Options where people are able to login to your site via social media always work because they appeal to many people. The marketing moguls always recommend adopting the newest marketing trends. Take their advice seriously.


  1. Landing pages remain the favourite trick

Any business which can be found online cannot do without landing pages. It is the easiest and the most effective way to market your brand. One growth strategy is to make landing pages. It almost has no equal in the acquisition of initial clients. A website, no matter how grand it is, may not advance without landing pages. The new launches and offers, as well as each product and service, needs a landing page. Landing pages ensure more conversations as long as you know how to properly establish them. They are therefore very important.


  1. Learning from your rivals

People always look at what their competition is doing whether they have any marketing skills or not. It is a guarantee that you will always have competitors and they are not necessarily a threat and should not always be considered as one. You should learn from them instead, do what they do and improve on what they do.

It’s reverse engineering of sorts. The first step is to know how they got to be where they are, follow their strategy and tweak it to suit your brand. Ensure that you tailor your campaigns to your target audience.


  1. Being in favour of being early

Any startup should embrace efforts of benefitting the initial clients. They should always feel important because keeping them is just as important as getting new ones. Giving offers from time to time or at special occasions is the perfect way to keep them loyal. You should incorporate an efficient adopter program which works every time and will ensure that your popularity rises, grow your business and get some clients who will talk about your brand. All these are valuables in any phase of a business.


  1. Strengthen communication- hype is the way to get it done

Knowing of your existence is the key to good marketing. It also helps if when you are doing well at what you do. Email marketing is one form of growth strategies that have never failed. It’s centred on hyping your brand which gets you leads and conversations. You should, however, stay clear of spam mail because it is quite different from viral marketing. Marketing automation is also an easy and available way to use currently as opposed to the past. Social media is the other tool that you can use to your benefit in creating hype for your brand. You should focus on getting likes, shares and retweets. This is what creates impact.


  1. Give more than you take

As you start out in business, it’s a common misconception that you should only get and never give. This is due to the nature of the available resources. They are mostly limited and when focused on, they may lead to stagnation of the business. It is important to give back even before the business breaks even. It can give back products or services that are worth more than the business is earning. The free giveaways are always the winning trick to growing. They always work.


It is important to note that although growth hacking starts with a startup, it doesn’t leave it a startup, it helps you progress towards the status of an established business.


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