7 Effective Marketing Strategies- An Elaborative Guide

It is beyond question that the digital aspect of life plays an essential role in the marketing the modern world. Businesses and consumers are online most of the times and what you want to do is reach to them and observe the behaviour by inspecting ono how and where they spend most of their times.

But when you’re building up your business and growing it, this ever-evolving landscape could quickly turn into an overwhelming thing. As there already are many things to do, you keep on wondering how you are supposed to create and maintain this digital marketing strategy of yours.

Worry not because here is a list of marketing strategies that marketers could exploit in their teams and promote the growth of the business.


What does digital strategy mean?

To be short and precise, the digital marketing strategy means the set of actions that are an advantage to your u achieving your goal through the use of online marketing. When we say strategy, it might sound complex, but it isn’t that difficult to put into actions.

The marketing strategy would depend upon the scale of your business.


What does a digital marketing campaign mean?

The terms digital strategy and digital marketing campaigns are very commonly mistaken but here is a guide to how to differentiate them both.

As already outlines, digital strategy is set of activities taken to achieve the overall marketing objective while the digital marketing campaigns are the foundation of the strategy that positions you towards the meeting of your business goals.

Now that we have cleared the confusion between both the kinds of terms let’s see how to build up your strategy in an efficient manner.


How to make a comprehensive digital strategy

  1. build up your buyer personas

For any marketing strategy, you should be able to know the market you’re targeting to and your target audience. The most effective marketing strategies are based on great buyer personas, and this makes the first step of staging very clear.

You should have the ability to get both the quantitative and qualitative information about your buyer personas.


  1. clearly identify your goals and the tools you will need for the digital marketing

Your marketing goals always should be aligning with your overall business goals. Whatever your overarching target is, you have to be able to measure it and know how to measure it. The method of measuring would change the type of business and depends very much on the company goals.


  1. evaluate your current digital marketing assets and channels

When you assess the digital marketing assets or channels to incorporate into your channel, it is very important to take the bigger picture into concern in order to prevent from getting overwhelmed. The owned, paid and earned media frameworks helps in the categorizing of the digital assets or channels that are already being used.  Owned media mean the digital assets that a company or brand owns. Earned media is the popularity that has been gained through word of mouth.  Paid media refer to any of the vehicles or channel that a company or brand pays in order to get the attention of the buyer personas.


  1. plan and audit the owned media

The content in your owned media could help to convert the visitors to the website into customers and leads while helping to raise the company and brands profile name. Once it is optimised, you can boost anything around the search traffic.

To build on the digital marketing strategy, it is vital for you to decide on the content that would likely be helping you in reaching your goals. For this, you need to audit your existing content and figure out the contents that have been effective and what has not. Secondly, you need to identify the gaps in your current content so that you can be more productive. Lastly, you should be creating a content structure that would be same for all the content.


  1. plan and audit your earned media

Comparing your formerly earned media and your current goals could help in bringing more creative ideas on which part to focus on. You could do this by checking the content which has got the highest traffic leads and ranking them from the most effective to the least.


  1. plan and audit your paid media

It involves the same procedure used I the earned media, and through the end of the procedure, you should be having a clear idea of the paid platforms that are worth continuing the usage and what’s vital to be removed.


  1. bring them all together

You have successfully done the planning and research stage, and now you have got a clear vision of the components that are going to build up your digital marketing strategy.

You should be having a profile of buyer’s personas, marketing specific goals, inventory of your current owned, earned and paid media, an audit of the current owned, earned and paid media and an owned plan for content creation.

This would be your pathway to creating a successful digital marketing strategy.


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Posted on February 25, 2018 in Digital Marketing

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